MarsPeaks Reverb Placement

Welcome to Mars! Mankind has always been drawn to the unknown. Conquering Mars has ceased to be a dream and is now a reality. We are already exploring its surface and atmosphere. The geography of Mars is vast and complex, having mountain peaks, craters, and

Pipeline Pressure Control

Take full control of the water network right from the Reason rack. Adjust the pressure in the pipes, the flow rate, and even eavesdrop on what is happening on the other side of the pipe or inside it.  By passing a signal through a pipe,

Catalyst Multimode Filter

** Promo discount 30% until March 31st. ** Introducing CATALYST, a new hybrid multi-filter. The main function of the device is centered on the “Main LP/HP Morphing Filter” section. Here you can customize the LowPass and HighPass filter parameters individually, using the LP / HP

SubColours Octave Diver Effect

Present a sub octave generator for your signal. But its not just sub-octave genertor, not pitch-down shifter.. Like an classical divider pedal, the tone is warm, fat, and a bit synth-like, as opposed to the crisper, more acoustically accurate transpositions of modern pitch-shift pedals. This

BlackFriday/ CyberMonday Sale 2017

DyingStar Polysynth Machine – $15 sale (stnd price $35) Blackpole Station Polyphonic Synthesizer – $15 sale (stnd price $19) Meteora Rompler – free / happy hours (only 24.11.2017) Metro Click-Machine – free / happy hours (only 24.11.2017)  

Anniversary Sale!

This days we celebrate our Anniversary! We work on Rack Extensions about 3 years, but at this days we celebrate 2 years from our first release! Visit us in PropShop at 28 April – 15 May to to get anniversary sale prices.

DyingStar Polysynth Machine RE

DyingStar Polysynth Machine is a new polyphonic synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Propellerhead. DyingStar Polysynth Machine come to Reason rack. Include 3 Oscillators with 120 base wavetables (+50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT), Sub-Oscillator with 40 wavetables. Every Osc include Waveform Range fader to

Metro Click Machine

We present new way to use metronome in Reason for live needs. Send clicks of metronome into Reason by Metro Click-Machine where you want. It can be useful in live band. Now Reason with MCM – center of your band rhythms. Send clicks from your audio interface

Blackpole 1.1.1

Blackpole 1.1.1 Update released Whats new in v.1.1.1: —————— – X7 OSC Voices bug fix (now working all 7 voices) – CombFilter bugfix – New 6U device panel – Deeper control of Delay FX section – Add Phaser FX – Add Filter 1/2/3 Cut and

Blackpole Station RE

Blackpole Station is a new polyphonic synthesizer for Reason Propellerhead. Based on 68 waveforms in 5 oscillators (plus three sub-oscillators with 7 detuned saw and square waveforms). Synthesizer contain 2 base, 1 sub, noise and ring oscillators. Three 
 oscillators contain additional X7-OSC sub-oscillators.

Meteora 1.1.3 update

We release Update to  Meteora‬ – vers 1.1.3: minor bugfixes, fixed bug in Drift LFO waveform with no Retrigger.

Meteora Update v. 1.1

New update 1.1 for Meteora – released. – bigger 7U board with new GUI and new sections, – more filters and  FXs – addition Mix knobs for Convolutions and FXs – LFO and SineOSC for every instrument line – add Pitchbend and Modwheel Come to PropShop for