Semitone Transpose FX
$ 29
  • 7 modes with 2 tune lines
  • Dry/Wet, Resolution and Smooth

DROP’N’LIFT is a creative semitone transpose effect, that can help you re-tune your instrument from 1 semitone (halfstep) up to 2 octaves up or down.
Drop tune and Lift tune – is what this device is designed to do. It is a polyphonic re-tuning effect for any kind of audio signal. The device changes the tuning in intervals as an integer number of halftones.
The device draws inspiration from the famous guitar pedal Whammy™ DT * (Drop Tune functionality). This helps to transpose the input signal of a guitar (or any other signal source) by semitones. This functionality is the main feature of the device, but much bigger additional features are available and totally change the main idea of a simple transpose effect.  DROP’N’LIFT works with two separate Tune lines (Line A and Line B). Both lines can transpose the incoming signal in the range -24 / 0 / +24 semitones (half-steps) separately. The device includes 7 modes:


☝ DUAL Tune mode: There you can transpose LINE A TUNE and LINE B TUNE for incoming signals simultaneously in parallel mode.
☝ OPPOSED Tune mode changes Line A/B intervals symmetrically as positive and mirror negative tunes in parallel mode.
☝ PAN Tune Mode uses A/B signal lines in parallel mode at the same time as L/R channel tunes.
☝ GLITCH mode simultaneously changes Line A/B Tune intervals symmetrically to get creative glitchy sounds.
☝ Mid/Side Tune mode re-tunes signals individually for Line A and Line B as Tunes of MID and SIDE signals.

☀ The DRY/WET functionality adds a dry and wet control for mixing incoming and processed signals. If you set the DRY/WET control to 50%, it simulates a 12 string guitar effect for Line A or Line B tune.

In DUAL TUNE mode, when you set the Dry/Wet control to 50%, it creates a mixture of the incoming signal with Line A and Line B Tune transpose effects simultaneously.

An important part of the semitone transpose effect is the Smooth functionality. By default, in Poly mode, it helps to transpose the signal with phase-align shifting. In Mono mode, it acts like a classical pitch-shifting effect where interval transposing (shifting) sounds somewhat glitchy.
☀ The heart of the effect is a Transpose Resolution that can set a delay size in ms or quaretr notes, to optimise the transpose shifting effect of the processed signal. It also can be used as creative delay/slide fx.
The Momentary switch is used to momentarily enable, or bypass the effect (with pressing “SOFT BYPASS” button).

Try the DROP’N’LIFT – creative transpose-shift utility for re-tuning of instruments on the fly, create fast semitone-shiftings with Momentary mode, and create a mix of Line A/B Tune or DUAL tune (in parallel mode) with the original incoming signal.

DROP’N’LIFT is not only a Guitar double Drop/Lift semitone tune shifter. It can also be a Synthesizer Sub/Hi generator, an Octave generator with crossfades, a tune-shifter sequencer with external CV source, and a Note-tuner with a lite-shifting crossfade effect.

⌛ This is a semitone effect for re-tuning and creating layers of retuned signals in many creative ways!. It’s not a pitch-shifter fx! 
When you change intervals in real-time, you will notice some artifacts because the device works with a range of integers, not a decimal number of semitones. You can use the device like a real-time pitch-shifter in creative ways, but keep in mind that the device changes the intervals as an integer number of halftones without decimal smoothing. It is a creative transpose effect, not a pitch-shifter!

★ MIDI KEYS INPUT: This is a special mode of the Drop’n’Lift device to create additional momentary changes of the current semitone transpose interval by using midi keys input at the active device track in Reason sequencer. Can additionaly change momentary selected transpose interval in range +/-2 octaves (+/- 24 semitones) by midi keys.
Just create Track for the “Drop’n’Lift” device from context menu, select created track and play midi notes to change active semitone transpose interaval momentary in +/-24 semitone range


   29.0 USD

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