Blackpole 1.1.1

Blackpole 1.1.1 Update released

Whats new in v.1.1.1:

– X7 OSC Voices bug fix (now working all 7 voices)
– CombFilter bugfix
– New 6U device panel
– Deeper control of Delay FX section
– Add Phaser FX
– Add Filter 1/2/3 Cut and Res Envelope knobs
– Add Glide Smooth knob
– Add Spread FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add HAAS FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add Pan to to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add Sound Quality selection to rear panel
– Add Pedal Susta
in selection to rear panel
– Add Spaces section (30 hi-qulaity fx-spaces)
– CombFilter dropped out from Ring Osc, now You can use Comb Filter Links Section. There You choose active oscillator links, and also modulation from LFO 1/2/3 to elements of CombFilter (Tune/Mix/Feed/Damp)