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ReSwitch IN

The ReSwitch IN Audio selector can help you to switch one or a few input channels that can have the same effects, or play individually at the needed moment. Introducing an audio switcher with 4 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output. ReSwitch IN audio selector

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INFOBAY IN/OUT [free interface helpers]

 Every studio include one or or few multichannel audio interfaces with routed devices to the DAW.  Mixers, Audio Interfaces, ADAT interfaces – all of them have connected devices. And ports of this devices sometimes hard to hold in the head to set needed input or

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SPRING 905 – Reverberation fx

SPRING 905 – is a kind of legendary and classic Spring reverberation effect. In 1960th Spring reverberations were a very new part of the guitar sound. This was a cheap and creative solution to mimic studio reverberation effects avaliable in the studios. Spring reverberation effect

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Drop ‘n’ Lift Semitone Transpose fx

DROP’N’LIFT is a creative semitone transpose effect, that can help you re-tune your instrument from 1 semitone (halfstep) up to 2 octaves up or down. Drop tune and Lift tune – is what this device is designed to do. It is a polyphonic re-tuning effect for any kind of

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HolyVerb Reverb-Delay FX

HOLYVERB is a modern effect processor for any kind of incoming audio signal that includes various combinations of modulation and signal change effects. Basically, a signal can be pitch-shifted up to ±2 octaves and then the device can add frequency changes via frequency-shifts. The Reverb

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