HarmBode Freq Shifter

Introducing a variation of a legendary analog frequency shifter. HARMBODE shifts the spectrum of a signal by a fixed amount. BODE (TM) Shifter is not a pitch-shitfer, but allows you to shift inharmonics in Hz. Sometimes it can sound like a ring modulator effect, but with HARMBODE it is possible to get an upshifted and downshifted signal. With some settings you can hear the effect known as "Barberpole flanger" as well as a 90 degree phase shifter.

The original analog Bode 735 Freq Shifter (TM) was designed by Harold Bode in the 1960’s and was also used in the Moog (TM) modular system. HARMBODE attempts to reproduce this Bode freq shifter (TM) in Reason Rack Extension format. Today Freq shifters popular in world of guitar pedals and modular synths, in world of software synths and FXs.

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CRONUS Modulation FX

Introducing **CRONUS**, a new time-modulation effect that includes 3 effect types in one: Chorus, Flanger and Tremolo. All of these effects are time-modulated delay effects.

When guitarists talk about modulation effects, they are referring to effects such as Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Vibrato and other delay based effects. For example, Tremolo produces effects that are described as “lush, warm, and roundly pulsing.
We have combined these in one box to save you from having to use them individually. CRONUS is a very easy and useful effect for your Reason rack.

Try it today to find out what it can do for you.


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PHASE28 Phase Shifter

Introducing PHASE28, a new phase shifter effect. Stages selector gives you control over making this a classic 4-stage phase or the less stage phase for subtle shimmer. 2 and 4 stages phasing can be used for very classic sounds. But you can use 6 and 8 stages to new creative experience.
 Want high fidelity with shimmering and subtle underwater tones, experince with 6/8 stages?

Try it today!

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MarsPeaks Reverb Placement

Welcome to Mars!

Mankind has always been drawn to the unknown. Conquering Mars has ceased to be a dream and is now a reality. We are already exploring its surface and atmosphere. The geography of Mars is vast and complex, having mountain peaks, craters, and plains, called oceans.

This device allows you to simulate the environment of the planet, taking into account its wind, atmosphere, and surface relief (simulated by the movement of the Rover). We invite you to plunge into the space of a lonely Mars, to feel the scale of an empty planet, and its reflection of sound vibrations in the atmosphere.

The device has several basic modules.

The study of landscape and atmosphere is carried out within the framework of the ATMOSPHERE module.

The Rover Explorer is managed in the ROVER module section.

The study of the orbit and the influence of its moons is carried out by using the ORBITAL module.

The study of the near planetary space of the planet, methods of oxygen saturation of the environment of the planet is carried out in the SPACES module.

The structure of this FX device include 5 main modules: – ATMOSPHERE

The ATMOSPHERE / ROVER / ORBIT modules have the option to be used as either Pre/Post or Sum with the SPACES module.

SPACES has 39 models of real hardware, such as guitar pedals and other studio effects processors. Each model has its own algorithms. We have combined them together, in one section, to give this RE even more spatial manipulating capabilities.

Why do we call it RackExtension as everb device which allows “reverb placement with a hybrid engine”?
Because there are several different ways to create reverbs in this RackExtension. You can perform morphing of different types of reverberation. You can also use CV inputs for RE parameters, use Automata-CV inputs for modulation, or use the built-in LFO with 8 waveforms. Re-patches is supported, so you can create and load your own patches.

We used several algorithms from well-known guitar pedals and processors.


Pipeline Pressure Control

Take full control of the water network right from the Reason rack. Adjust the pressure in the pipes, the flow rate, and even eavesdrop on what is happening on the other side of the pipe or inside it.  By passing a signal through a pipe, you simulate analog filtering. When a signal passes through a pipe, harmonics saturate according to the selected pipe type.

With this effect is available:
– 22 types of pipes
– pressure monitoring by means of a valve
– visual control
– correction of the signal level at the pipeline inlet and outlet

The device is a means of monitoring the signal in the underground communication environment. This is one of the most recent techniques for check mixing control in our days

Catalyst Multimode Filter

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Introducing CATALYST, a new hybrid multi-filter. The main function of the device is centered on the “Main LP/HP Morphing Filter” section. Here you can customize the LowPass and HighPass filter parameters individually, using the LP / HP filter morphing with Cutoff. The available independent settings of the LP / HP filter parameters are Resonance, Frequency, and Boost.

SubColours Octave Diver Effect

Present a sub octave generator for your signal. But its not just sub-octave genertor, not pitch-down shifter.. Like an classical divider pedal, the tone is warm, fat, and a bit synth-like, as opposed to the crisper, more acoustically accurate transpositions of modern pitch-shift pedals. This effect unit contain main function section of Octave Diver (emulate Mu-Tron™ Octave Divider pedal), control of input and output levels, Destruct section, classical ringer effect, compressor with limiter to control your signal clipping, built-in LFO and also – widening function. Its pretty good hybrid effect for various situations. Bigger aspect to run SubColours – add or generate to any sound new sub-octave with gain signal, compression, limiting and widening.

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Anniversary Sale!

This days we celebrate our Anniversary! We work on Rack Extensions about 3 years, but at this days we celebrate 2 years from our first release!

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DyingStar Polysynth Machine RE

DyingStar Polysynth Machine is a new polyphonic synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Propellerhead.

DyingStar Polysynth Machine come to Reason rack. Include 3 Oscillators with 120 base wavetables (+50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT), Sub-Oscillator with 40 wavetables. Every Osc include Waveform Range fader to operate wavetables.
Oscillators contain Waveshapers with 6 different waveforms.


Scheme of DyingStar contain Amp and Filter Envelopes, Modulation Envelopes, 2 LFO, Modulation Matrix, LP24 filters, Comb Filter with modulations, Pan with settings, 10 FXs, Static Pre-FX reverbrations, Spaces FX, End Filter.