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Introducing CATALYST, a new hybrid multi-filter. The main function of the device is centered on the “Main LP/HP Morphing Filter” section. Here you can customize the LowPass and HighPass filter parameters individually, using the LP / HP filter morphing with Cutoff. The available independent settings of the LP / HP filter parameters are Resonance, Frequency, and Boost.

The left section of the MultiMode filter includes 6 filter types (LP12, LP24, LP BW, BP6, HP12, HP BW). It has an option to be used in PRE / POST / SUM positions around the “Main LP / HP Morphing filter”. In other words, you have a flexible filter with pre and post-routing.

To change the parameters of the incoming signal, you can use the Swap Channel and Phase Invert functions. CURVE – Transient Shaper section with Attack and Decay settings. EQ-KILL is a function for removing frequencies (Low / Mid / High).

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Main Morphing Filter

Cutoff – Morphing around Lowpass and Highpass filters.
Lowpass and Highpass filters include individual settings.

LP filter includes: – Resonance – Resonance Track (adjustment of low versus high cutoffs) – Booster (psycho-acoustic low shelf-filter) – Frequency (adjust the frequency of the low boost)

HP filter includes: – Resonance – Resonance Track (adjustment of high versus low cutoffs) – Booster (psycho-acoustic high shelf-filter) – Frequency (adjust the frequency of the high boost)

Multimode Filter

6 filter types that have the option to be used as either Pre/Post or Sum relative to the “Main LP/HP Morphing filter”.

– LP12: 12dB/oct lowpass
– LP24: 24dB/oct lowpass
– LP BW: Brickwall lowpass (Resonance not active)
– BP6: 6 dB/oct Bandpass roll-offs
– HP12: 12dB/oct highpass
– HP BW: Brickwall highpass (Resonance not active)
Freq – Cutoff frequency
Reso – Resonant peak at cutoff frequency


Curve is a Transient effect. Accentuate or reduce the level of transients, independent of audio level. Attack – Boost or Cut the attack transients Hold – Length of the attack boost/cut

Channel Settings

Swap Channels – Swap Left and Right inputs Phase Invert – Invert the phase of channels


High/Mid/Low frequency remover. Has the option to be used as either Pre/Post or Sum relative to the “Main LP/HP Morphing filter”.
High – Cut High frequencies Mid – Cut Mid frequencies Low – Cut Low frequencies


On the back of the device you can use automation to control the main parameters using the provided CV inputs. You can also use the Automata-CV inputs section for automation of the Modulation section on the front panel of the device. There is a built-in LFO with 8 included waveforms for additional modulation.

Patches are supported, so you can create and load your own patches.

CATALYST is a flexible hybrid multi-filter with easy control of needed frequencies for many different situations.

  $29.00 (intro $19.00)