A Resonator is one of the many underrated and esoteric effects that can sound fantastic. Once you use it – you will want use it over and over again. It is a very musical sounding natural effect which can be used with any audio signal source.

Reasonator / rack extension effect for Reason Propellerheads

A resonator effect duplicates and modifies your audio signal, which can have a nice stereo effect. It is used quite frequently in electronic music to create “that sound”. And now you can make it too!
If you use it with acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos, or strings, you will understand why this effect is what you need for your productions. The REASONATOR Rack Extension is a utility to create a perfect acoustic resonance emulation. Reasonator is a Classical Resonator effect with Decay controls, but with the addition of high frequency controls, LFO and Curve modulations. Device also include stereo width, pre and post Multi-mode filters. The structure of Reasonator allows for morphing between two resonators that have their own individual settings. Morphing between these two resonators helps to create new and interesting audio experiments.
Try the REASONATOR perfect acoustic resonance emulation effect in your Reason rack today!


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