ReSwitch IN

The ReSwitch IN Audio selector can help you to switch one or a few input channels that can have the same effects, or play individually at the needed moment.
Introducing an audio switcher with 4 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output.

ReSwitch IN audio selector can be very useful for musicians as an input channel switcher for various situations inside the Reason rack. ReSwitch IN aids in selecting one of your incoming signals and allows for FX processing of selected active channels.




RESWITCH IN has a routing scheme with two modes.
MAIN mode: Device includes four ABCD inputs. You can select routing of incoming signals (marked as channels A or B or C or D), one per ABCD group, to the output stereo channel.

MULTI mode: You have four ABCD inputs and you can route them individually to the main output with A, B, C and D dedicated On/Off buttons.

ABCD stereo inputs have their own volume control, and you can also use the device as a 4 line mixer.






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