$ 9
  • Phase Correlation audio meter
  • Detect normal in-phase and out-of-phase signals
  • Show that the stereo signal is mono compatible

MetaCore” is a intuitive correlation meter which shows how much your signals are in-phase or out-of-phase.
Device not only detect out of phase problem signals, but also helps to make phase manipulations to fix it. ALso additionaly inlcudes PAN and WIDTH control for you signal.

Correlation meter is one of the “must have” utilities for the mastering, indicate various situations with your stereo or mono signals and helps to control and fix “out of phase” problems.

Correlation meter can indicate:

  • Correlation value “+1” indicates that L/R channels correlate 100% (signals are in phase). Maximum correlation (identical signals).
  • Correlation values to the right of the center position (“-0.99”..”0”) indicate that the stereo signal is mono compatible.
  • Middle position “0” indicates the highest value of L/R divergence, which is audible as an wide stereo effect. No correlation between the signals.
  • If the Correlation meter moves to the left of the center position, out-of-phase material is detected. This leads to phase cancelations (if the stereo signal is combined into a mono signal)
  • “-1” minimum correlation value indictaes that L/R signals are completely out of phase.

The right half (from 0 to +1) is shaded green, the left-half (from -1 to 0) is shaded red.

If using a dual-mono signal, to make signal “in-phase” just invert one channel polarity.