Freq Isolator/Remover
$ 15
  • Isolate any range of frequency
  • Remove vocal / instrument freq from track
  • Cut frequency to zero without filters

Frequency Isolator / Remover Utility. Isolate-X is a game changer for many tasks such as cutting any range of frequencies (popular in DJs world) without the use of addition filters or EQs. isolating frequency range, and muting vocals/instrument in a particular frequency range.
Isolators are crossovers of bands that than sum all the split signals per bandits a final stereo signal.

Isolate-X is a very user-friendly utility for isolating a selected frequency range.

Isolator use three bands. Bands is LowPass, BandPass, HighPass filters that are 24 dB/oct. But it special filters with a non-linear slope. Totally, its not just filter-device.
Its Isolator standard effect, now coming to Reason RackExtension world.

Low Freq crossover range: 25 Hz to 25.0 kHz
High Freq crossover range: 25 Hz to 25.0 kHz
Low Freq / High Freq range: range of frequency to Isolate/Remove

MASS control includes control for Low, Mid and High bands.
Manipulate MASS of frequencies in a selected range (Low/High Freq), occuring with LOW / MID / HIGH MASS bands. Each bands can be set from 100% of original to 0& as full isolate.

Example for removing vocals:
Low Freq cut for Vocals: All actions with Vocals in the name use this value. It is also useful to exclude bass and kick drum. The default value of 120 Hz is a good frequency for most lead vocals, even low male voices. You can enter a higher value around 170 Hz for female voices and about 230 Hz for those of children.
High Freq cut for Vocals: All actions with Vocals in the name use this value. The frequencies above will either not be removed or not be included in the isolated audio. It is useful to exclude high sounds like bells, cymbals or Hi-hats. Note that human sibilance sounds, like S or Z, can also be very high in frequency – 5000 to 8000 Hz, so listen carefully to the preview.
Need to say that Vocal is one of the harder instrument to remove, and we talk about isolate vocal tasks as it work in DJ style work, of course delete accurate all range of Vocal very hard, its very big spectre of frequency.
In this way better say to remove instruments as bass, guitar, kick, snare, hi-hats. At this point isolation more easy and save bigger part of track frequency.