Combinator 2 Patches, based on Rack Extensions

muTableAudibleRack (Reason Combi panels for VCV Rack 2 Pro)

Huge collection of Mutable Instruments eurorsack modules (as Audible Instruments) realisation from VCV Rack 2 Pro inside the Reason Rack.

Collection of Combinator control panels for VST (VCV Rack 2 Pro). 125 Combinator 2.0 Patches for Reason DAW by ReasonStudios. Include:

– muBrights (Braids module)
– muElemental (Elements module)
– muHeaven (Clouds module)
– muPlains (Plaits module)
– muResonate (Rings module)
– muShelfs (Shelves module)
– muSides (Tides module)
– meSteams (Streams module)
– muSweeps (Sheets version of Tides module)
– muTopoDrums (Grids module + Plaits drums)
– muTriples (Ripples module)
– muWraps (Warps module)

“muTableAudibleRack” ReFill, based on “VCV Rack 2 Pro” VST and Mutable Instruments modules realised as AudibleInstruments modules collection

WARNING: You need to use this Combinator 2.0 Patches: – Reason 12 perpetual license or Reason Plus subscription – VCV Rack 2 Pro (VCV Rack VST commercial license)


MarsPeaks Fundamentalistic
(C2 Patch)

“MarsPeaks Fundamentalistic” based on Reason Combinator 2.0 patch.    

Combinator patch is a Complex patch that include few layers of MarsPeaks Rack Extension

DOWNLOAD FREE C2 MarsPeaks Fundamentalistic Patch for Reason

Device based on the Reason Rack Extension: MarsPeaks reverb Placement (by Turn2on Software).

MURDER Rhythm Cutter X32 STEPS
(C2 Patch)

X32 STEPS is a Reason Combinator 2.0 patch.    

Device based on the “MURDER RHYTHM CUTTER” RACK EXTENSION (by Turn2on).

This C2 patch helps to create from native x8 steps of stuttering by MURDER, up to X32 steps sequencing.

MURDER Rhythm Cutter (Rack Extension)

DOWNLOAD FREE C2 MURDER X32 STEPS Combinator 2 Patch for Reason Rack Extension “Murder Rhythm Cutter”

TOTALBOOSTER for MIDBOOSTER (Combinator 2 patch)

TOTALBOOSTER is a Reason Combinator 2.0 patch.    

Device based on the “MIDBOOSTER” RACK EXTENSION (by Turn2on).

This C2 patch helps to create multiple frequency bands booster, up to 8 controllable bands (Sub, Bass, Low Mids, Mids, High Mids, Presence, Brilliance and Wide). Creative way for frequency control with boosting

DOWNLOAD FREE C2 TOTALBOOSTER  Combinator 2 Patch for Reason Rack Extension “MIDBOOSTER Mid freq booster”