Metro Click Machine

Metronome for your External needs
Send clicks of metronome into Reason by Metro Click-Machine where you want. It can be useful in live band. Now Reason with MCM – center of your band rhythms. Send clicks from your audio interface using hardware outputs of Reason (3/4, 5/6..)





Product details

MCM – not just metronome for studio work. Connect audio outputs of MCM to your audio interface outputs and send metronome clicks to headphones of drummer, guitar/bass player. Also, MCM help You build your rhythms.

Front Panel contain:

  • Volume knob: output signal level
  • Sync button: run sync of clicks to Time Signature of current project
  • Time Signature table: select size of time signature you want, and it synchronizes to current project time-signature. 


Rear Panel:

Audio Outputs: connect them to your audio interface channels (as 3/4, 5/6..)
CV Note & Gate: Build your own rhythms with cv device (as Matrix).
C1 note is start-click sound. Device has 16 click-steps. Last step is 16 (D#5 note). Look to scheme at the rear panel.


Also contain:

64 Combi patches in all variations of Time Signature.
1 Addition Combinator patch: Add Your own Metronome Rhythms by CV: connect Matrix by CV to MCM, make Your own rhythm and work with it at Combi interface – set “Volume”, run “Pattern Sync”, set “Selection of patterns”.

All 65 Combi patches You can find into Metro Click-Machine RE folder.

Available in PropShop as Metro Click Machine Metronome Rack Extension by Turn2on


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