Modern Clean Bass Preamp
$ 15
  • Inspired by booster pedal from Darkglass™
  • Sculpt & boost your Bass signal before the Amp
  • Modern Clean Bass Preamp

HARMBOOST is a special clean and harmonically rich preamplifier for Bass guitar.

Character knob blends amount of the tone-shaping, controls frequency response.
Bass mono sets frequency below which stereo width will be reduced to mono.
Bass, Mid and Treble knobs control signal equalization.
Mid-frequency knob sets frequency from 250 Hz up to the 2.5 kHz.
Boost knob sets final flat gain in range +-20 dB cut or boost to sculpt your perfect bass signal.

HARMBOOST is an easily controllable and flexible clean bass preamp inspired by the modern Bass Preamp pedal (Harmonic Booster) from the Darkglass™ .

Try out HARMBOOST now as the modern known bass preamp in your Reason Rack


BASS: cuts or boosts low frequencies (+/- 20 dB)
TREBLE: cuts or boosts high frequencies (+/- 20 dB)
MID: cuts or boosts selected mid frequency (+/- 20 dB)
MID FREQUENCY: sets mid frequency from 250 Hz to 2,5 kHz

BASS MONO: Frequency below wich stereo width will be reduced to mono

CHARACTER: Blends amount of the tone-shaping, control frequency response.

BOOST: Sets final flat gain +-20 dB cut or boost

ACTIVE FX: Switches the effect between Active and Soft-Bypass modes. Variation of effect bypass with fade in and fade out that excludes loud peaks when you enable or disable the effect