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A State-Variable Filter is an active filter that uses multiple feedback techniques to produce filter responses (LowPass, BandPass and HighPass) from a single filter with user selection. Classical SVF filters include controls for Filter Frequency, Filter Q and Gain. With the ASVF-212, we included deep LFO

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ReVoicer Vocoder

Vocoders rely on two signals being present at the same time in order to operate. These signals are the Carriersignal, which normally takes the form of a synth, and the Modulator signal, which normally takes the form of a human voice, although other instruments can work well (such

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CustomVibe Vibrato

CUSTOM VIBE is a modern variation of classical organ and guitar effect, and one of the unique effects ever created. Original Uni-Vibe (TM) pedal was designed in 1968 by Japanese company. Main idea was to recreate the Doppler effect or the sound of a rotating speaker

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SABOTAGE 3-band Crossover FX

Introducing a new three band multiple FX Rack Extension. The Crossover effect splits the incoming audio signal into three bands [Low / Mid / High] with frequency control and morphing. If you connect any signal to the Main input and activate the Crossover section, you

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  Introducing new audio switcher with one stereo input and up to 4 outputs. RESWITCHER have a routing scheme in two modes. MAIN MODE: You have four ABCD outputs and you can route signal to only one active output A or B or C or

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ECRUOS Tap-delay

ECRUOS is a Delay effect with up to 16 configurable taps include smoothing of delay time changes. We present new delay type in Reason Rack Extension – Tap Delay. Tap Delays usually have steps called as TAPs. Every TAP have own setting of Delay Time and Level. Delay

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