DyingStar Polysynth Machine RE

DyingStar Polysynth Machine is a new polyphonic synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Propellerhead.

DyingStar Polysynth Machine come to Reason rack. Include 3 Oscillators with 120 base wavetables (+50 Lead WT / 40 Sub WT), Sub-Oscillator with 40 wavetables. Every Osc include Waveform Range fader to operate wavetables.
Oscillators contain Waveshapers with 6 different waveforms.


Scheme of DyingStar contain Amp and Filter Envelopes, Modulation Envelopes, 2 LFO, Modulation Matrix, LP24 filters, Comb Filter with modulations, Pan with settings, 10 FXs, Static Pre-FX reverbrations, Spaces FX, End Filter.

Metro Click Machine

We present new way to use metronome in Reason for live needs.
Send clicks of metronome into Reason by Metro Click-Machine where you want. It can be useful in live band. Now Reason with MCM – center of your band rhythms. Send clicks from your audio interface using hardware outputs of Reason (3/4, 5/6..)


Available in PropShop

Blackpole 1.1.1

Blackpole 1.1.1 Update released

Whats new in v.1.1.1:

– X7 OSC Voices bug fix (now working all 7 voices)
– CombFilter bugfix
– New 6U device panel
– Deeper control of Delay FX section
– Add Phaser FX
– Add Filter 1/2/3 Cut and Res Envelope knobs
– Add Glide Smooth knob
– Add Spread FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add HAAS FX to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add Pan to to 1/2/Sub Osc
– Add Sound Quality selection to rear panel
– Add Pedal Susta
in selection to rear panel
– Add Spaces section (30 hi-qulaity fx-spaces)
– CombFilter dropped out from Ring Osc, now You can use Comb Filter Links Section. There You choose active oscillator links, and also modulation from LFO 1/2/3 to elements of CombFilter (Tune/Mix/Feed/Damp)


Blackpole Station RE

Blackpole Station is a new polyphonic synthesizer for Reason Propellerhead.

Based on 68 waveforms in 5 oscillators (plus three sub-oscillators with 7 detuned saw and square waveforms). Synthesizer contain 2 base, 1 sub, noise and ring oscillators. Three 
 oscillators contain additional X7-OSC sub-oscillators.
 Blackpole include classic analog waveforms (Sine, Triangular, Sawooth, Pulse, Square) and digital waveforms (Leads, Pads, Drones, One-shote samples and cycle-loops). Flexible system of OSCs, Filters, LFOs, Envelopes, Effects and other elements of synthesizer helped us named it Blackpole Station.

Sounds Deeper than Black Hole, Purer than ice of North Pole..

Meteora 1.0.2 update

Now we released Meteora – v. 1.0.2
Update contain:

  • better DSP level (optimization of RAM and CPU work);
  • Fixed a bug with Resonance knob (End Filter) in LP24/BP6/HP12 modes;
  • visual text corrections on the front and rear panels;
  • change LFO Waveform knob to more informative Display with slide-effect;
  • AMP and Filter ADSR settings open correct from saved patch

Also, we hard work undo Meteora 1.5 version!
Its really Upgrade for Meteora with more functions, we release it soon as possible!