Introducing a variation of a legendary analog frequency shifter. HARMBODE shifts the spectrum of a signal by a fixed amount. BODE (TM) Shifter is not a pitch-shitfer, but allows you to shift inharmonics in Hz. Sometimes it can sound like a ring modulator effect, but with HARMBODE it is possible to get an upshifted and downshifted signal. With some settings you can hear the effect known as "Barberpole flanger" as well as a 90 degree phase shifter.

The original analog Bode 735 Freq Shifter (TM) was designed by Harold Bode in the 1960’s and was also used in the Moog (TM) modular system. HARMBODE attempts to reproduce this Bode freq shifter (TM) in Reason Rack Extension format. Today Freq shifters popular in world of guitar pedals and modular synths, in world of software synths and FXs.

Try the legendary freq shifter in your Reason rack today!

 $25.00 ($15.00 intro price)

Note: Users ask us about difference with ECHOBODE shifter:

EchoBode by SonicCharge is a great device, but used changed architecture of original BODE FQ Shifter, Echobode have range 20Hz- 40kHz, when original analog BODE and our RE have 0,05Hz – 5kHz. They make range bigger, change it coming out of native BODE resolution. Our RE is more native and near to original device.

Echobode include delay with feedback, we use feedback for BODE shifter without additional effects (you can route what you want before and after w/o fdbk, but have feedback into Bode FQ shifter part).
In scheme of device, we use Hilbert Transform, when copy of signal rotate phase 90degree, look at picture at top of topic)

ECHOBODE use Sidebands A+B, where A=upward, B=Downward.
We at current version have MODE (Up/Down/Up-Down/Down-Up) as single sideband solution. Single sidebands like original BODE. And its be a really standard of BODE and Moog System FX that is HALF-RINGMODE effect.
Echobode use Upward(A)+Downward(B) to get at mid cross effect like a full ring-mod (up+down as 2 halfs of ringmod = ringmod).

But in near update our RE have more options of BODE, than have original BODE and Echobode changed fq-shifter too.

We Create in coming update second line of BODE with mixture them. And our RE in updated version have A(Up/Down/Up-Down/Down-Up) + B(Up/Down/Up-Down/Down-Up). And this make big differnce to final sound of effect.
Deeper shifts of BODE, deeper spectre of tone colors to the mix.

In this position Echobode is LIMITED (have only Up+Down mix).
Our HarmBode is:
– more original FX to analogue original BODE that modular musicans love,
– have in near update more flexible BODE-Core with 2 sidebands and changable modes of them.
As you see, when you search additional creative FX, Echobode is cool!
If you search more natural original BODE, with deeper Core of BODE, its our RE, because its more than ECHOBODE (up+down sidebands).

With new update you easy get not only full Ring-modulator, but a various solutions of sideband modes and mix them as you need.
Its what totaly change sound of our RE from ECHOBODE (becuse core of BODE is deeper) and from Original BODE with not coming out from native range of original.