Introducing a new Comb filter with positive/negative morphing in Rack Extension format.
Comb filters usually reshape waveforms, ending upwith a signal that resembles a comb shape.Comb filters create copies of signal and work as a delay and filter at same time. Small delays between copies of the signal create phase offsets and the sum of them builds peaks. Filter Frequency sets the length between these peaks. Resonance sets the strength of resonant peaks at the cutoff frequency. As result, you have newly shaped waveform named as the Comb filter line.
Actual standards of Comb filters have selections of Positive and Negativemodes. Positive and Negative modes have peaks at 0Hz. Classical Comb filters normally use selected positive or negative modes, but we allow morphing of these modes at the same time. The device includes two individual Comb filters with customizable settings which you can morph between.

DoubleComb rack extension is also interesting because it includes:
– Biggest range of frequencies (from 20Hz to 25kHz) in Reason devices and Rack Extensions;
– Exclusive double-side engine: Positive and Negative modes with morphing;
– Neutral sum mode of peaks (50% of Positive/Negative morphing)
With DoubleComb you can really do more then you can do with other classic Comb filters.