Multi Resonance Filter Array
$ 29
  • 8-band resonance filter array World-Class FX
  • Animation patterns sequencer bands up to 64 steps
  • Original patterns from hardware pedals + custom

AniMuRFA effect includes an Animation Patterns sequencer, that helps to replicate all original patterns and create your own patterns for each of 8 filter bands. The incoming signal goes through the 8 filters. You can use AniMuRFA as graphic 8-band EQ (just set Animation Mix to zero), but resonant filters boost the central frequencies of the bands, and they don’t overlap.
  AniMuRFA filters array color the signal, adding warm resonances at intervals through the freq spectrum.  
LFO RATE helps to automate frequency levels at the same time for all 8 bands.
FreqShift knob helps to shift all 8 bands frequencies up or down.
Envelope controls (Attack, Release & Hold) shapes the musical sound envelope. Eight envelope generators (one for each filter) shapes the filters levels.  
The timing and sequence of envelopes are based on the Animation Patterns (8-channel sequencer, one channel for each filter).  Each step on each channel (band) of a pattern can be triggered, or paused.  
Animation RATE controls the speed of the pattern.  
AniMuRFA includes all original patterns of the hardware pedals (from the BASS and MID frequency models), includes own patterns as device patches, and applies to create your own patterns.
AniMuRFA patterns provide a wide variety of rhythmic  timbral effects.  Drive knob boost and compresses the signal, helps make the signal stronger and adds harmonics.

Try AniMuRFA animated multi resonance filter array effect as part of your Reason Rack today.