$ 35
  • Professional 1st-generation digital delay
  • 1 main and 4 optional original memory boards
  • "BlueFace" legend delay with sync additions

DIGIDELAY Rack Extension is a modern take on the BlueFace delay. It retains the basic functionality and character of the original module with the addition of some new features which inlude clear sound and sync modes for Delay Time and Sweep Frequency.

At the end of the 70s, there was one fx company leading the way when it came to innovations in digital sound technology. Many of the effects units they produced quickly became popular with top stars of the day.
The now legendary “BlueFace” Digital Delay in particular was favored by such musicians as David Gilmour and Frank Zappa who widely used the “BlueFace” digital delay in their touring racks and recording studios. Other famous BlueFace users include Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Roger Waters, Brian May, and Mike Rutherford to name but a few.

When first introduced in ’76 it was priced at 1000 USD. Although expensive it cost a lot less than the other digital delays available on the market at the time.
The addition of a stereo output on the 1u space rack-mounted unit allowed for a very deep stereo chorus effect.

Optional memory boards were available and could be inserted in slots on the unit, to increase the delay time. These however were pretty expensive, costing almost as much as a complete unit