Introducing a powerful granular effect for real time processing of audio signal with pitch-shifter and delay. With GRAINSHIFT you can select position and length of grain that you get from incoming signal, way of playback direction of grain that been pitch-shifted and mixed with dry incomig signal.

Grain size have range 0-800ms, size of grain can be relative to the tempo. Also grain size have random size variations. Density can overlap between grains x1-x4. Grains can quantizes to beat grid. Beautiful point of this granular effect that grains can played as Forward, Reverse and Random modes for each grain.
Pitch of grains work up to 2 octaves. Grains can be subtracted with alternative pitch.
With PAN settings grains can have pan for each grain, and alsohave a random pan.
Big role of device architecture play DELAY section. It add more flexible and complex solution to work with grains. Delay have Time (seconds or synced to beats), randomise grain position in delay line and feedback from grain to delay input.
Granular effect stores the incoming audio in its buffer and splits it into short pieces (grains) which are then processed with delay, pan, pitched and played in various ways.

Try real-time Granular Pitch-shifter effect in your Reason rack today!


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