PhatSat Saturation FX

Introducing PHATSAT, a variant of analogue tape-style distortion, known as a saturation effect. Many people believe that tape saturation applied to music sounds very appealing. Recording engineers understand that distortion, along with compression characteristics of saturation, can be useful as a mix tool. Saturation makes an audio signal sound more punchy. It also helps to ‘glue’ audio elements together and can make them sound bigger.

These days, saturation typically refers to analogue-style distortion effects. The technology of saturation combines tape-style distortion with multiband compression and limiting. The PhatSat saturation effect can be used for warming up individual instrument tracks or applied to the whole mix to make it sound better. Saturation is very usable with any kind of sound source or instrument.


Try this PHATSAT Saturation Rack Extension in your Reason rack today!


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