Classic Equalised Booster
$ 9
  • Based on most-popular preamp for guitarists
  • Sculpt & boost your guitar or bass signal
  • Raw sound design for any kind of instruments

MACROAMP is an easily controllable and flexible preamp inspired by the well-known hardware preamp pedals (Micro Amp™ and Micro Amp+™) from MXR®.
This preamp is most-popular preamp for guitarists, but also used by bass-guitarist.
Drawing it’s inspiration from the widely renowned pedal preamp booster favored by some of the world’s top artists for its exceptional ability to enhance and enrich the tone of guitars and basses while driving the front of the amplifier, the MACROAMP is an advanced version of the classic pedal with additional upgrades and EQ controls.
This powerful preamp is designed to take your sound to the next level.

The Gain knob enables you to boost your signal by up to +26dB, just like the original pedal.
With the addition of EQ controls, you now have the freedom to sculpt the boosted signal to your liking. For a traditional MacroAmp sound, the Bass and Treble controls should be set to noon.
We have added a PHASE INV button, which selects a stereophonic effect (inverting the phase of
the second output).

Try out MACROAMP to finely sculpt & boost your signal and open new horizons in sound design for any kind of instruments or vocal.


More Volume: Helps to add more volume, with more headroom, clarity, and flexibility of your guitar or other instrument.

More clear or more dirty sound:
make your sound louder and more powerful with gain boost, can also add new tonal character to your amp. By emphasizing certain frequencies and harmonics, it can help you achieve a more defined and expressive sound.

Preserves the High End: Internal EQ helps to accentuate the low and high frequencies of the boosted signal.

MacroAmp just helps to finely sculpt & boost your signal.


BASS: cuts or bosts high frequencies (+/- 14 dB @ 33 Hz)
TREBLE: cuts or bosts low frequencies (+/- 11 dB @ 8.4 kHz)
GAIN: Icnrease signal level boosting it from +0.5 dB up to +26 dB, excluding any clipping, overdrive or distortion.
R CHAN PHASE INV: Inverting the phase of the second (Right) output. Pronouncing stereophonic effect (at rear panel near to Right output jack , LED indicated by red)
ACTIVE FX: Switches the effect between Active and Soft-Bypass modes. Variation of effect bypass with fade in and fade out that excludes loud peaks when you enable or disable the effect

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