SPRING 905 – is a kind of legendary and classic Spring reverberation effect.
In 1960th Spring reverberations were a very new part of the guitar sound. This was a cheap and creative solution to mimic studio reverberation effects avaliable in the studios.

Spring reverberation effect based on the tank with few springs between two electrical transducers. The inputs transducer shakes the springs in response to electrical signal. The bigger the signal – the greater the movement of the springs. This signal coming by the springs and picked up by second transducer, that convert the motion into new signal that amplified and mixed with original signal.
Bob Moog™ realized that this technology would be avaliable in creating space and realism foor electronic music.
And this is how was born the 905™ reverberation modular unit. That was a new age of space sounds into electronic music.

In original module, only one knob control the work of the effect – reverberation knob (mix of the dry/wet signals).

Spring 905 effect include more controls and variations of springs sound, but this device based on the original 905 spring effect.

Spring 905, includes Gain control (to control and increase the volume level), Mix (dry / wet control) and Decay to set the size of the gain curve as the effect of dB/sec on the processed signal. Additionally, the user can set pre-processed and post-processed signal levels. This is useful for finding the best dry and wet proportions in the operation of the mixing knob for different types of incoming signal.

Character model selects one of the 9 types of spring model: low, medium and high tension springs, the sound of springs with negative and positive resonance, resonant springs with resonant feedback, rich sound of medium and thick springs plus the sound of springs with tank vibrations.

The SPRING 905 Rack Extension is an old-new classic of the famous spring reverb effect with the legendary moogish sound of reverb spaces for electronic music. Try to enter with SPRING 905 to the the magic world of detailed spring accents for any kind of synth sounds in your electronic music.


15 USD / 9 USD all April.

Download SPRING 905 Manual [PDF]