HOLYVERB is a modern effect processor for any kind of incoming audio signal that includes various combinations of modulation and signal change effects. Basically, a signal can be pitch-shifted up to ±2 octaves and then the device can add frequency changes via frequency-shifts.
The Reverb and Delay sections can be routed in Pre/Post positions. The Reverb includes a classical reverberation, but also includes an additional Reverb Increase block based on 3 reverb modes from the legendary EHX (TM) Holy Grail guitar FX pedal. You can apply basic reverb and mix it with this Increase mode which includes a Spring, Hall, or Flerb setting.

The Delay can be synced to the tempo grid or set to run free with lengths in seconds. Feedback settings include Ping-Pong pan, L/R Crossfade and Stereo modes. Feedback at 100% is useful as a loop setting.
The Device includes a Tone parameter to control damping of the Delay, but you can also activate a Filter mode (LP/HP) for this control as a Pre/Rev/Del/Post to add flexibility to effects routing. A built-in Limiter section helps to control the signal output.

The HOLYVERB Rack Extension includes a Modulation matrix on the back panel with 6 slots for both main and hidden parameters. You can use any kind of Midi CC source for modulation of PB, MW and other parameters to utilize HOLYVERB as a live performance device. For example, you can play any instrument that is connected to HOLYVERB while controlling parameters such as PB, MW or expression at the same time via the modulation matrix. This is a very useful feature for use in live performance.


The HOLYVERB Rack Extension is a modern multi-FX effects device with advanced features and flexible possibilities. It allows for a lot of variations for modifying your audio signal, resulting in a unique sound from any kind of source signal. Rear panel include modulation matrix.

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Try it now at ReasonStudios shop